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For all Moms, whether you are planning for your first baby, already pregnant, or after pregnancy, our yoga program can help. We also have Physical Therapist Pelvic Experts in-house to discuss issues relating to fatigue, pelvic floor pain, prolapse, incontinence, etc.

We get you BACK IN SHAPE with Strengthening, Conditioning, and Abdominal, Back, and Pelvic Floor treatment and exercises.

Yoga and therapy can help in many ways as follow:

Preparing for a new pregnancy:

Learn how to prepare yourself for a new pregnancy with a good exercise program.

Learn relaxation and stress reduction techniques to help get your life in balance

While Pregnant:

Pregnancy on BEDREST: We teach you exercise techniques while on bedrest to help you stay conditioned

Pregnancy Exercises: We instruct exercises and injury prevention during pregnancy

Recommend special lift or support belt for your belly or back strain

Recommend shoes and wrist/knee supports as needed

After Delivery self massage, conditioning, herniation prevention:

C Section healing, Abdominal massage, Episiotomy massage, spasms reduction

Prevent abdominal muscle herniation- at midline or sometimes on the sides of the trunk.

During pregnancy, the abdominal area expands to accommodate the fetus' growth. Hormonal changes also allow the woman's connective tissues to further expand. These factors may result in weaknesses and overstretching. After delivery, hormonal levels return to pre-pregnancy with time. During this healing period, if the tissues do not return to pre-pregnancy size, or if the woman must start doing more strenuous work before she sufficiently heals, such as taking care of an older sibling, house chores, or work routine, her muscles might not heal to the correct levels of tension.

Thus, the connective tissues may not return back to "normal". The layers of abdominal muscles, especially in midline, or at the groin, or in the pelvic floor (see prolapses) may stay loose or overstretched, causing areas of herniation or weakness. This is not the same as "getting fat".

It is vital to understand the risk and how to prevent herniation during pregnancy and after giving birth. If you already have an "outie" belly button, you could also be prone to more protrusion or weakness in this area after delivery.

EXERCISE and RECONDITIONING- There are many good yoga techniques to help control and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Toning and strengthening spinal muscles, abdominals, core stabilization

Overall Body shaping and strengthening

Correct technique to prevent herniation or prolapse

Leaking urine- Stress Incontinence – this happens to at least 50% of women

Upper Back, Low Back pain, Tightness in chest and shoulder muscles, pain in hips

Body changes during pregnancy and after delivery:

Changes in posture from carrying a growing fetus

Changes in work and life routines around pregnancy

Straining in the neck and shoulders

Changes in pelvis and hips due to joint dilation, widening of hips

Recovery/ rebound of ligaments and joints after delivery- stresses on joints and muscles as the body attempts to get to "new normal"

Pain with intercourse (also called Dysparunia happens to even to several years after delivery)

Muscle and Ligament laxity (dilation of joints and muscle connective tissue)

From pressure of carrying baby during pregnancy

Pressure during pushing/ delivery

Involves the bladder, uterus, rectum – protrusion into vagina, or into anal area.

Worse cases during pushing from voiding

Pressure from prolonged sitting

Pressure from weight gain


Importance of Correct postures and body mechanics

Household and work chores while pregnant

Work related tasks: Lifting, carrying, reaching, squatting, bending

Baby care tasks: feeding of infant and growing newborn, lifting other children, or both

Refer to Pelvic Expert for more pelvic floor related issues:

Call our Yoga and Pelvic Experts for any concerns or questions, or to take classes: 813-631-9700

Living Life's 5R's:

Relaxation and Reflection
Reduces Road Rage:

Learn how to use relaxation techniques and positive imagery, tranquil attitudes, to enhance driving experiences and safety



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