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Class Descriptions

No medications, no machines, how’s that for a healthy way to improve your pain, breathing ability and overall quality of life? Our staff include Physical therapists with 25+ years experience and safety minded yoga teachers to restore good physical and mental well being..

Classes are calming, fun, Out of the Box to challenge while calming your mind and body

Gentle Yoga: Introduction to move into yoga poses and guided bodyalignment. Great for beginners, if you are getting back toan exercise routine or if you just want to connect or create balance in your life.

Slow Flow Yoga: Linking one breath with one movement.Coordinating movement with breathing to flow from one poseto the next, a meditative flow.

Restorative Yoga: Spiritual healing, relax, unwind, calm and rest your entire body. Restorative poses are placed comfortably for 4 to 5 minutes in each position to allow the body to relax by itself, without force, and giving it more trust, letting go. The body’s tensions are removed just by calming and slow gentle movements into all the tissues layers.

Chair/ WC yoga- for those who sits, there are many options to exercise. We will teach you fun ways to stay in shape and top condition.Gentle yoga practiced sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. This class is great for those who get tired quickly while standing or those who can't get onto the floor. Persons in wheelchairs or those who just want to rest in sitting would benefit greatly from this class. It improves your energy level and stamina and you’ll feel energized without leaving the chair.

Breathe Better: Did you know there are at least 10 different ways to breath. Each breathing techniques helps to strengthen, relax, stretch certain parts of your body and thoracic rib cage, chest, and trunk areas. We will show you ways to strengthen and enhance these breathing capacities to improve your respiration.

Guided Alignment- Holding your stretch for more than 3 breath cycles helps your body adjust and remember its alignment. Under our guidance, you will learn how your body stacks up, where its center of gravity is, and how to use it effectively with the least stress on it while doing great exercises.

Mami and Baby Class- Moms will have fun with your babies- learn good body mechanics and how to make playing and caring for your cuties into a great exercise program.

Meditation- Learn emotional regulation, to become more mindful, paying attention to your breath and body movements and sensations, inspect your actions and reactions, learn to be more calm, introspective, and improve your outlook on life and your approach toward others around you. Make life pleasant for yourself, your family and friends, and forgiveness toward your foes!!!

Meditation for Moms/ Dads- Mom and Dad especially need down time to relax, focus on ourselves, clear our minds, teach our minds and bodies to work in harmony, clarify our priorities. This class takes you away from your daily chores and responsibility, allows you to stay centered.

Pregnancy and Post Partum- Yoga is great for moms-to-be and for moms with repeat pregnancies to prepare for birth of the baby, improve joint stabilization, and relieve pain. There are a lot of stress on the spine and belly muscles and organs. Pressure on the spine, hips, knees, feet from weight gain and shifted center of gravity can affect how a woman walks or moves. Hormonal changes makes the woman more prone to injuries and joint hypermobility (moving too much, less stability). After birth, there is a tendency to move too much, and the soft tissues and joints do not have time yet to heal. Many women develop weakness in the abdominal muscles and permanent stretching in the belly. Our physical therapist and yoga teacher is a Pelvic Health Specialist (see with many years experience working with pregnancy and post partum issues and related care for moms and babies.

Safe Balance- Balance and fall prevention program to improve your confidence and musculoskeletal strength and flexibility. Top of the Week Sassy Yoga- Hey, it’s half way through, so let’s enjoy this week by summing up and tossing out the worries, absorb what’s positive, and face a great rest of the week! Instructor and student teamwork to make a great class!

Yoga and Meditation- Nothing like movements and stretching to make the body feel good, the mind relaxed and calm. Start focusing into ourselves to give ourselves positive vibes, then radiate out peace toward others. Mind body connections here we go!

Available per request:

Any of the above topics (and more) can be specially requested for groups with advance appointment.


Yoga Espanol:

Estaclase le vapermitirfortalecersucuerpo, tenermejorflexibilidad y conectar

sumente, cuerpo y alma!

(This class will strengthen your body, improve flexibility and connect your mind, body and soul!)

Yoga Vietnamese: Classes for the Vietnamese community to better understand the concepts and flow of yoga movements and benefits

Living Life's 5R's:

Relaxation and Reflection
Reduces Road Rage:

Learn how to use relaxation techniques and positive imagery, tranquil attitudes, to enhance driving experiences and safety



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