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Meditation: Clarifying Priorities

  • 1. What do we want vs what we really need
  • 2. Looking at life in a different, objective view
  • 3. Reducing personal anger and misgivings
  • 4. Reducing anger reflexes, anxiety
  • 5. Reduce emotional attachment to unnecessary things or persons

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Everyone benefits:

  • Improve Personal confidence
  • Learn "No regrets"
  • Non-judgmental regarding yourself and others
  • Calming/ Peaceful interactions
  • Mindfulness- paying attention, improving memory
  • Helping kids and adults focus, prioritize
  • Interconnecting muscles, sensory, and movements, with mental focus

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Many Meditation techniques:

  • 1. Forgiveness:
    • I ask for forgiveness from others
    • I forgive others
    • I forgive myself
  • 2. Sending good will and peace:
    • To myself
    • To people in my household/ office/ this meeting
    • To those around us: restaurant staff, patrons
    • To neighbors
    • To teachers/ classmates/ friends
    • People in my community/ Every being in this city
    • My fellow country women and men
    • To others around the world
  • 3. Imagery:
    • Imagine tranquil places, images
    • Imagine flower blooming, dot becoming larger
    • Colors getting softer or stronger/ Changing colors
  • 4. Body sensations:
    • Locating each part of the body and how each area feels
    • Contract/ Relax each body area
    • Observing breath
  • 5. Emotions and thoughts:
    • Observe breath
    • Acknowledge when thoughts are racing, come back to breath observation
    • Observing emotions, go back to breath
    • Observing pain/ itching/ feeling on skin
    • Slows down reaction to senses/anger- keep self in check
  • 6. Moving Meditation:
    • While eating, walking, sitting, driving
    • Walking: observe steps, pressure each foot
    • Eating: How many chews, jaw moves R/L, tongue, swallowing
    • While working/ driving: Ergonomics, body alignments
    • Sports body movements

We all need quiet meditative time. Read how noise is affecting physical and mental health in adults and children

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